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Ecotradex works with a network of experts and technology providers.

They allow us to find or develop the best possible solutions for our customers. This multiplies our ability to provide results in a cost-efficient manner.

Some of the excellent technology companies with whom we have established on-going collaboration include, for example:

Mega Cellulose Oy for natural polymer modifications

Mega Cellulose offers toll processing service for scale-up of natural polymer derivatives on the industrial demonstration scale.

Megatrex Oy

Megatrex has developed a completely unique ATREX mixing and grinding technology that can make industrial processes more intensive, energy-efficient and create a space saving footprint for the overall installation.


Is a new approach to managing decision making and to involve all team members in the decision making process. The flexible and easy to use software tool can be used to turn the decisions into action. The unique features and decision making philosophy render Fingertip a particularly valuable tool for innovation and new product development in cross-functional teams and multilocation teams of experts. The CRM functions enable integrating sales and marketing activities into the same pipeline.