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Business Development

We work with our clients when they have a need to create new business, find sales channels for new technologies in new markets or new applications in new industry segments.

Our clients also include large corporations working on entirely new bio-refinery concepts and in search of partners, customers, investors and locations for new production sites.

The strength of Ecotradex is our ability to combine the commercial with the technical when assisting in new business creation. In addition to longer-term development projects with our customers, we have also successfully conducted short studies for identifying new marketing and sales channels.

Technology Development

We are actively participating in technology development projects with our customers in the areas of new materials, circular and bio-economy. This also includes the possibility of licensing specific technologies to third parties especially in areas relating to natural polymers and bio-based products.

Examples of projects include new surface treatment for creating barriers for packaging materials, new cost efficient ways of making micro-fibrillated cellulose and mechanical fiberization of annual plants for packaging materials.

Mechanical Grinding and Mixing ATREX® Technology

Ecotradex is a partner company of Megatrex the inventor and manufacturer of the unparalleled rotor-rotor ATREX® grinders. This is a technology suited for energy efficient slurry making, homogenization, grinding and fiberization of a wide range of materials. ATREX® grinders can be used to intensify processes and to combine several unit operations into one. For example, it is possible to grind, slush and react chemicals even under protective nitrogen atmosphere in the same grinder in one step.

The classical and wide spread applications of the ATREX® grinders include mineral slurry making for coatings and paints, as well as reject grinding and fiber recovery in paper and board industries. A recent development includes high-capacity production of micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC) even without chemical or enzymatic pre-treatment.

For mineral or other slurry preparation Ecotradex has also helped customers set up toll processing arrangements.

Surface Technology

Ecotradex works with several customers on a variety of surface treatment topics. This includes more classical surface treatment technologies, including barrier coating and surface pigmentation. For example, the latter has been used to further valorize board made of recycled fibers for new applications. We also working together with manufacturers of high quality white pigments for fillers, coatings and high-opacity applications for titanium dioxide replacement.

Circular Economy

Ecotradex has experience in chemical recycling of plastics and industrial side-stream valorization.

For example, for low-temperature pyrolysis we have specific success in reducing the amounts of chlorine and oxygen containing impurities in pyrolysis oil derived from chemically recycled plastics.


Our team members have worked with biomass fractionation related bio-refinery topics for various projects for two decades.

In addition to this Ecotradex has developed mechanical fiberization concepts for the needs of customers for various annual plant materials.

A recent collaboration with Mega Cellulose Oy extends our collaboration network to chemical modification of natural polymers on the kiloton scale.

Innovation and Decision Management Solutions

Ecotradex is collaborating closely with Fingertip®. This is a new concept for managing decision making especially in expert teams.

The same software tool turns into project management and even CRM platform flexibly. Fingertip® offers an entirely new level of opportunity for business excellence and leadership by speeding up decision making processes by a factor of 4X, by eliminating bifurcating email strings and by keeping all stakeholders in the loop on all possible devices tablets, tabletops, laptops and smartphones. Never before have you had a chance so good to make decisions at the airport while waiting for boarding, for example.

The latest Fingertip version runs on MS Teams and enhances the power of it to a real interactive tool for remote working and meeting – while having fun making decisions.

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