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We work with our clients when they have a need to create new business, find sales channels for new technologiesRead More
We are actively participating in technology development projects with our customers in the areas of new materials, circular and bio-economy.Read More
Ecotradex is a partner company of Megatrex the inventor and manufacturer of the unparalleled rotor-rotor ATREX® grinders. This is a technology suited for energyRead More
Ecotradex works with several customers on a variety of surface treatment topics. This includes more classical surface treatment technologies, including barrier coating and surfaceRead More
Ecotradex has experience in chemical recycling of plastics and industrial side-stream valorization. For example, for low-temperature pyrolysis we have specificRead More
Our team members have worked with biomass fractionation related bio-refinery topics for various projects for two decades. In addition toRead More
Ecotradex is collaborating closely with Fingertip®. This is a new concept for managing decision making especially in expert teams. The sameRead More